Drone-pilot   Getting ready for action
 DJI Phantom 4 drone with 4K-camera    Getting ready for outdoor shooting of "Viggo for tweens".

Drone operations

saltis media are certified for drone operations. Video and pictures from drones can be an amazing tool. The bird's-eye view gives a unique perspective, and is a great way of marketing your place, or resort.

Drones can also be utilised for other tasks, like search and rescue of both animal and humans. Various inspection of roofs, water drains, etc. is also easier using a drone.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your project, and how I can be of assistance. 


Video production

saltis media would like to make professional video products for you. We can assist you through the entire process, from idea, recording, post-production, and even publishing if you desire.

More than 20 years of experience from the media sector can give your production the professional touch it deserves.

Please contact me for a free consultation of how we can be of assistance.



If you have a company or an organisation in need of a web-site, look no further. saltis media can assist you in assessing the needs, the actual designing, publishing and updating of your web-site. An agreement of hosting of your web-site can also be made with saltis media. Tor Porter Saltrøe, the owner of saltis media, has constructed web-sites since the childhood of the internet.

Joomla framework will be utilised for the web-sites. This is a dynamic and highly customisable tool for web-sites, and can give you all the functions your presence on the web require. 



saltis medias owner, Tor Porter Saltrøe, can also be hired to work on your production.

NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) has for years been a major client of saltis media. Tor has worked with both local and national news, sports and events. The job positions has fanned a wide range of skills. He has worked as a sound engineer, cameraman, editor, Technical Operations Manager (TOM), and as a video-journalist.

He has also worked on a film production called "Yohan - The Child Wanderer", as a boom operator, and production sound mixer.

saltis media has had the pleasure of working with foreign crews doing news and sports in Norway. Amongst others ZDF, BBC og DR have all been clients of saltis media.

    Cameraman on live report in national news. (NRK)